Pinterest’s Repinly directory lists most popular pinners for our viewing pleasure

Like all the social networking and sharing tools before it, Pinterest provides a platform for anyone and everyone to show us anything they want to (within the confines of the law and basic human decency).  It’s information-overload, a lot of it is repetitive, reposted from other blogs or more established pin boards or are just plain boring.  Here’s a look at who you should be following to see special and unusual gems to brighten up your day.

The most popular users and most followed Pinners all have one thing in common – loads of original content and imagery across the arts, architecture, crafts, weddings and other events, fashion, food, furniture, etc, etc, etc.  They are beautifully curated, colourful, heart-warming and just delicious to look at.  It seems obvious that a pin board should be visually interesting but some just aren’t.  It’s no surprise then that some of the most popular boards belong to people involved in the arts and design world in some way. Repinly, a new Pinterest directory that offers real time stats on Pinterest activity shows us what and who’s trending and who’s leading the leader board.

Jane Wang

Ranked no.1 with over 4 million followers and 94 boards that are a cross-section of beautiful things and ideas.  Everything from food to DIY to kid’s stuff and animals are represented.  There are even boards specifically for rocking chairs and push pins.

Jane Wang - Food

Jane Wang – Food, Pinterest

Jennifer Chong

Typography, travel wares, chocolate and packaging – there’s no end to the lovely goodies collected in Chong’s 54 boards and over 2million people agree.

Jennifer Chong - Typography

Jennifer Chong – Typography, Pinterest

Maia McDonald

Beautifully moody pictures reflective of the graphic designer’s simple tastes and focus on form and feeling.  Notable boards are ‘I wish my hair looked like that’ and ‘Escapes’, a collection of travel destinations and wondrous landscapes.  1.7 million people and counting are following her 40 boards.

Maia McDonald - Escapes

Maia McDonald – Escapes, Pinterest

Other popular choices are Mike D, who has a more manly approach to beautiful things, with graphic illustration, beer and burger pins.  Caitlin Crawley and Anna H also have over a million followers and with good reason.  All have a specific feel and knack for organising their board themes into dossiers of cleverly put-together imagery rather than endless streams of unmanaged thought.  It is well worth checking Repinly out and narrowing your Pinterest alerts to make sure you only get the best.


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