Vote!!! – the hilarious fighting game that aims to get people to the polls

In their latest bid to get young people (and perhaps old people who can’t be bothered), to go to the polls in the next U.S. elections, popular voter-encouragement organisation ‘Rock the Vote’, has teamed up with video game developer, Chair Entertainment to create this humorous fighting game. Part political satire and part slapstick humour, this ridiculous app/game hopes to draw additional attention to the looming elections and encourage voting amongst those least likely to get to the polls without a little encouragement in the form of a little light entertainment. ‘Vote!!!’ is certainly hilarious if not that vote-inspiring.


In the ultimate battle for power and the closest thing to world domination, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney take to sword fighting – except not necessarily with swords.  Armed with a grilled sausage attached to a barbeque fork, Barrack attempts to out-fight Romney, whose light sabre is perhaps a little better suited to the situation at hand. If this sounds unfair, not to worry, although the game is free, weapons can be bought at $0.99, so you can see the two presidential candidates duke it out with various tools like microphones and ice-cream cones, in a variety of outfits including karate suits, dress suits and superhero costumes. The Oval Office, the White House lawn and a television studio during a live debate are the scenes for the comedic confrontations. The game is made for iOS and players fight by swiping the screen to strike their opponent and collecting points that can be used for good press, healthcare or to add extra time to the round, amongst other things. Fight wins translate into votes which are tallied up as the fighting ensues (much like in the real world).


Just so that the voter education aspect of the game is not completely lost amongst the tom-foolery, Vote!!! does include an in-game voter registration form as well as information on how and where to register. Anyone needing a kick to get interested in the future of their country may not necessarily be inclined to participate because of the game, but it’s worth a try. At least they’ll get a good laugh out of it.


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