Cell C “Free Internet”


By: Snethemba Ngcobo


Well you might have heard the news and may know by now that the telecommunications company’s announcement was a massive oversell on what they are actually offering. The truth is they are only giving their customers free Facebook until the end of August this year and even that service will be limited. If you are on Cell C or decide to switch networks for the perks of free “internet” this is what you’ll be getting. Free posting, viewing, sharing and commenting on the Facebook social network. However, some features on the application you will still have to pay for at normal data rates; these include Voice Over Internet Protocol Calling, Facebook videos and any content that links you to YouTube or Instagram.

This promotion is not solely to bring more customers to the third largest telecommunications company in the country but also to endorse the arrival of a new application called Internet.org into the country. This app is the reason that Cell C can afford to give you free Facebook. Internet.org is an initiative by the creators of Facebook that has set out to bring free internet connectivity to millions of people in developing countries, the app is free and has already launched in Africa, Asia and Latin-America it has received much success in these continents with millions of users already. The application allows users to have free access to certain internet sites like Facebook and Wikipedia. The goal is to see more people that are offline being connected online and to expand the free share of useful information.

Internet.org is also trying to expand the networks of Developers and entrepreneurs if you want your website to be a part of the free application for exposure or as a CSI initiative for your business to give back to the community through offering free service of information you can visit the Internet.org participation guidelines and submit to be added into Internet.org.

Although the announcement from Cell C turned out to be a bit of a charade we do think that what they are doing in partnership with Internet.org is amazing as it will keep people online even when they don’t have internet data bundles/ airtime this means you can still go online and ask your friends help for that paper your writing or you can do research from your smartphone at home where there may be no Wi-Fi or opportunity to go buy airtime.  After the promotion ends anyone will still be able to access free Facebook and other websites from the 1st of September through the Internet.org application so download the app and see how useful it can be for your life or business.